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Frequently Asked Questions.

HotDoodle is an online service that offers the easiest way to have a website. HotDoodle solves all traditional problems facing millions of businesses, professionals and organizations who struggle to have a website. HotDoodle provides you everything to make, update and enhance your website. HotDoodle not only combines an easy website builder, world class hosting, and a domains management service, but also provides a marketplace filled with diverse skills at your fingertips.

HotDoodle is a website service for small businesses, professionals, organizations, or anyone who needs an effective web presence easily and affordably.

Only if you ask us to. Your website will be custom designed by one of our designers, unless you choose our Premium Package, which is based on a template layout.

Yes. All content is owned by you. If you have us register a domain name, it will be registered under your name, not ours.

Your website will be hosted by HotDoodle's world-class, secure hosting servers, which include our easy website editor, hacker protection, and automated backup software. Technical support and design help are under one roof, so you don't have to deal with going back and forth between your hosting provider and web designer for changes.

No. Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal don't allow us to easily rollout software updates to all of our clients or provide website security efficiently. They also don't provide as many features within a single, easy website editing tool. HotDoodle's Content Management System (CMS) provides a combination of innovative technology and 1-on-1 service, so you can have a powerful, feature-rich website as well as design, domains, hosting and help all in one place.

HotDoodle's headquarters are located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Fremont, California (right next to San Francisco). Since websites are online, we find it easy to communicate over the phone and exchange website drafts/content via email. This has allowed us to make websites for clients across 5 continents. If you happen to be visiting California, we'd love it if you swung by and said hello!

All website packages come with our standard SEO features, which include SEO keyword metatags, SEO friendly page titles, website description metatags, as well as an automatically updated site map. Advanced SEO is also available, where we will write SEO optimized content, blog posts, and backlinks to your website.

From project start to finish, websites usually take 2-4 weeks. This also depends on how quickly you provide feedback as we deliver each website draft. Rush delivery is also available if you need the website much sooner (i.e. tomorrow).

No matter where you get your website made, you need a hosting server to publish it online so visitors can find you. There is always a monthly fee associated with the upkeep of hosting, but HotDoodle's monthly fee provides more than basic hosting: HotDoodle bundles world class hosting, hacker protection, and our innovative editing platform into your website. We also take care of routine software updates, so you can rest assured that your website works the way it should.

It's up to you. Most of our clients provide us with the text for each page, and we come up with the overall design, graphics, and color scheme. If you have a logo or any other images you would like us to use, that's great! If you would prefer that we write the text for you, we have professional copywriting services available as well.

Yes, you own the content and the domain name(s) of your website and are free to move them to a service provider of your choice. You will need to hire a web designer to transfer the content and website code to your new host. The effort will vary depending on the complexity of your website and the compatibility of your new host to HotDoodle.

Yes. We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like your website mock up, you may cancel for a full refund. If we registered a domain name for you, the $15 domain fee is not refundable.

Yes, to make a website yourself is free. HotDoodle includes an easy-to-use website builder and templates which are free to use. There is no cost to make your website, and you can update or enhance your website at anytime yourself for free. You will only need to pay for a nominal monthly subscription plan. Even the monthly subscription plan does not take effect until you are ready to show your website to the world, such as when you point a domain to your website or 30 days have passed since you started building - whichever is earlier.

Making a HotDoodle website is like assembling a bicycle - the first website may take several hours to make, the second website will take half the time, and from then on making new websites or editing the ones you have will take just a fraction of the time.

Making a website with HotDoodle is easy – no technical skills or software downloads required. A HotDoodle website is built using Blocks, and there are blocks for just about everything. Build your own website all in one go, or start simple and gradually add web pages or features. If websites are not your thing or you are too busy, hire a PenPal to make your website. You can begin by making simple edits and getting used to expressing yourself on your website.

Yes. Your HotDoodle website can have one or more domains associated with it. You have three options for associating a domain to your website: (1) use the free domain given to you when you start building a website (http:/, (2) purchase a new domain at HotDoodle or transfer to HotDoodle a domain that you purchased elsewhere), or (3) point an externally maintained domain to your HotDoodle website.

You can change your website monthly plan or cancel at any time - there are no penalties. Cancellations are effective at the end of the month. Unfortunately we are unable to process a mid-month pro-rated refund.

It's easy to transfer your existing website to HotDoodle. It involves selecting a HotDoodle template that you like and transfering the content from your existing website. You can transfer the website content yourself, or affordably hire us to do it.

There are no hidden costs. There are 3 parts to your price.
(1) The price to make your website. You can either make a website yourself for free or hire a PenPal at an affordable price (starting at $599).
(2) The price for your domain. You can purchase a domain through HotDoodle for $15 per annum or use an externally purchased domain with no restrictions or charges from HotDoodle.
(3) The price for your monthly plan (typically $9.95 or $24.95)., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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