Add Domains for drmehtaclinic
Option 1: Free domain
This is your default HotDoodle domain. To change your domain, you must rename your site
Option 2: Register a new domain -- $15/year
Get found easily with your own domain. Search available domain names:
Example: auto repair specialist — Suggestions will be presented.
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Option 3: Use an already purchased domain
If you have purchased your domain elsewhere and prefer to keep it there, no problem. Use the below have HotDoodle accept traffic for the domain. This is free and without restrictions.
Provide HotDoodle DNS:  Have our Domain Name Services support this domain?
Important! In addition to the above, you must inform the company where your domain is managed to point the domain to your HotDoodle Site see how
Domain Transfers are possible but require special preparation read about domain transfers
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